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Strategic Plan 2013
A Collaborative Vision for Nebraska State Soccer
The Board of Director’s felt it was time to create a 5-year Strategic Plan to steer the board’s direction, focus and vision. Below is a direct link to plan:

 Click here to view the Strategic Plan

The purpose of this corporation is to educate players and parents, coaches, referees, and administrators in the state of Nebraska in the rules and skills of soccer, to develop qualities of leadership, self-discipline and sportsmanship in youth and adults, to develop physical fitness through competently planned and conducted clinics and competition, and to resolve questions and controversies not resolved at and under the Laws of the Game of soccer established by the Federation Internationale De Football Association or the rules of soccer leagues affiliated with this Association.

The purpose of the Board of Director is to uphold the Vision, Mission and Values of the corporation, create policy and give direction to Staff on the day to day operations.

Board Meeting Open Forum
The Board welcomes members to come and speak, but understand that we must stay on task. For this reason time for each person will be limited. Please read the Open Forum Policy if you would like to provide information or comments at any meeting.