Nebraska State Soccer offers all avenues of coaching education from US Soccer education courses and United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA) courses. Click on images below for more information on courses currently being offered. 

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Hosting a Course

If existing offering don't already accommodate the coaches in your community, you may request to host a course.  Hosting requirements include assigning a person to coordinate an appropriately-sized outdoor or indoor facility, and who will publicize the course to your community.  Please note that for the U06/U08 and U10/U12 Youth Modules and the E Certificate, a minimum or 12 participants is required; for the D License, the minimum is 20.

Contact Maren with your contact information, and indicate the course(s) you'd like to host and on what date(s).

Other Course Offerings

Iowa Soccer Association Coaching Calendar

NSCAA Master Course Schedule

For more information on all National Coaching Licenses, please visit the USSF website here

You MUST ATTEND the ENTIRETY of the course in order to complete.  You will not be excused due to conflicts (please reschedule or get coverage before registering).


You will physically participate during the course.