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Being a responsible parent/legal guardian and player requires you to fully research all teams that you may be interested in joining.  It is imperative to be well-versed in the Team Formation (e.g. tryouts, coach select, events to evaluate players) information. Use the links in the right navigation bar to research all the areas. The "Team Directory" link allows you to see all the teams. 

Take the time to be prepared, well informed and compare clubs. 

Check out the 2019 Tryout Guide! 


2019 Team Formation Specific Dates:

For players GOING into 11U – 13U (2009-2007 birth years) age groups:

Monday, June 10th – Tryouts Start

Sunday, June 16th - Bid Day


For players going into 14U (2006) through 19U (2001):

Tuesday, June 25th – Tryouts Starts

Sunday, June 30th – Bid Day



Team Formation (Try Outs) Tips and Rules!

Parents CAN

Coaches CAN

You CAN call a club or a coach at anytime to inquire about general information.

You CAN talk to any player from another club who attends your tryouts, but only at the tryouts.

You CAN attend multiple tryouts/team formation events during the designated times, without the fear or pressure from your current club.

You CAN maintain your team’s training schedule throughout the team formation process.  Your tryout process is up to you, it can be formal or it can be part of your standard schedule.

Research all Team Formation Event through the team directory page

You CAN talk to the players who are within you club as normal.


You CAN call or text back a player or parent who is not within your club that has contacted you first.  You may only communicate with them in terms of general information about your team and your team formation events.


Parents CANNOT

Coaches CANNOT

You CANNOT be the vehicle for a coach’s attempt to illegally recruit players.  Meaning you cannot call or try to generate interest for players from another club.  We cannot police, nor do we intend to police

You CANNOT contact players from other clubs at any time.  When they show up at your tryouts you can talk to them all you want, but once they leave you cannot contact them.  This includes players who you may have known or coached from a camp, another team, or in another setting.  Players who are not registered to your club are not your players regardless of previous relationships and connections.


Parents: Helpful Tips- What to look for

  1. Pay Attention. How organized are tryouts? How well do they communicate? How well do they want to communicate?
    1. Tryouts are your first impression, but likely a great indicator of the resources and abilities the club has to work with their families
  2. Ask Questions! You are the customer. If coaches or clubs don’t want to talk to you, or have trouble answering your questions, it may be an indicator of other issues to come.
  3. Don’t select a club/coach/team because they are (perceived to be) the BEST, select them because they are the BEST FOR YOUR CHILD! You don’t have to be on the best team to have a great soccer experience, and you don’t have to play on the team you think everyone wants to play on.
    1. Involve your child in the decision. Did they have FUN with that coach/team? Did they feel comfortable with the coaching style, do they want to come back?
    1. Does the club have a curriculum? And are they willing to share it? Do they know what they are teaching and why they are teaching it?
    2. Why/How do they assign coaches? Do they have hiring standards and requirements? Are the coaches required to be education and if so, what education do they have?  You would want a licensed contractor to work on your house, or a licensed teacher at your school, why not the same for your child’s sports career?
    3. Do coaches stay with teams year in and year out? Or is there a player and coaching pathway in place?




Fear -  if clubs or coaches are using fear as a means for preventing you from trying out for other clubs, or are using fear to get you to commit, do they really have your best interest in mind, or theirs? Every club says they are about development, development simply means giving kids the best opportunity to excel, not treating them like property they can allow or disallow to play.


Tryouts can be overwhelming for all.  It’s a crazy time, but the new process allows for parents to slow down, shop around, and make the best decision for their child.  Take advantage of it.  We have a lot of great coaches and clubs throughout Nebraska, take the time to find one that best fits you!




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