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Ensure the best possible competitive play among the soccer teams in Nebraska and bordering states, to promote opportunities for increased development of youth soccer players and teams, and to provide for an improved administrative structure, the Nebraska State Soccer Association establishes the Nebraska League for youth soccer players in Nebraska and bordering states. 


  1. Registration Open – First Week of June
  2. Registration Deadline – July 12th
  3. Blackout Dates Deadline – July 17th
  4. Schedule Release – 2nd week of August (7-11)
  5. Fall Play Dates - August 19 – November 5 – Gives us 10 weekends of play, only 8 weeks for State Cup teams. Premier/State Cup teams will need to have weekends open in the first part of the season.
  6. No play – Labor Day – September 1-4 and Halloween – October 31

            U09(2009) - Boys   U09(2009) - Girls
            U10(2008) - Boys   U10(2008) - Girls
            U11(2007) - Boys   U11(2007) - Girls
            U12(2006) - Boys   U12(2006) - Girls
            U13(2005) – Boys  U13(2005) - Girls
            U14(2004) – Boys  U14(2004) - Girls
            U15(2003) – Boys  U15(2003) – Girls
            U16(2002) - Boys   U16(2002) - Girls
            U17(2001) – Boys  U17(2001) - Girls
            U18(2000) – Boys  U18(2000) – Girls
            U19(1999) – Boys  U19(1999) – Girls

Deposit must be made prior to schedules being released. Deposit is based on a 7-game season, except for the U9/U10 NL Central league. Teams will be refunded for playing less games or invoiced for playing more games. Teams will play 6 to 8 games.

Nebraska State Soccer Board of Director’s approved a Referee Pay Scale Increase for the Fall of 2017. This increase is for any league or tournament sanctioned by Nebraska State Soccer. Nebraska League raised the deposit based on the increase in referee fees.

                        Fall Deposit                                                      Ref Increase
                        U9/U10                         $75 Per Game              $24.50 – NL Central Only
                        U11/U12                       $680.00                        $52.50
                        U13/U14                       $800.00                        $63.00
                        U15/U16                       $890.00                        $84.00
                        U17/U18/U19                $940.00                        $120.00

During registration you will no longer select a “Preferred Division”. You will just register for the age group. Nebraska League will offer the following divisions, but could add or delete divisions if needed:
            U11 – U13 – Premier, First Division, Second Division, Third Division
            U14 – U19 – Premier, First Division, Second Division
            U16 – U19 – Director Division will be offer for the very top teams.

Team Applications to participate in the NL must be completed online at the NL website by the advertised deadline. League staff will evaluate all applications from Club approved teams and determine final acceptance. League staff will draft divisional placement and submit to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for review and recommendations. The League Director will make the final decisions on placement.

Any team looking to participate in Nebraska League (NL) must understand the level of commitment it takes to participate in a League that stretches across the state. All teams understand that this is a travel league and that teams may travel long distances to participate in NL games. The determination of game sites is based in part due to home locations of teams within a division as well as field and referee availability. Teams understand that they may not play any home games, although we work hard to deduce travel or make travel similar for both teams.


NL rules allow teams to use Club Pass Players/Sharing of Players (players from the same club) and allows a 24/30 player NL Player Roster to make adding players simple. There should be no reason why a team cannot field a team to play in a scheduled match. TEAMS MUST BE ORGANISED AND FIND OUT IN ADVANCE IF THEY WILL BE MISSING PLAYERS. This will give them time to find players to play in the game. There is no greater disservice to your opponents to reschedule a game or participate in games with minimal number of players. Teams expect opponents to field competitive teams.

Team will be responsible to submit blackout dates by the deadline. Teams will not be allowed to blackout more than 8 weekend dates (Saturday and Sunday on the same weekend count as 2). In the Fall, we will have 8 weekends for teams playing in state cup and 10 weekends for all other teams. Although, we try to play as many games as possible on the weekends, teams need to be prepared to play during the weekdays due to lack of fields and referees. They must give us at least two weekdays each week they can play. Play dates will be determined by the league based on blackout dates,  field availability and scheduling requirements.


Teams that blackout all Saturdays or all Sundays will be expected to allow a game or two to be played on those dates. Due to opponents and field availability we may have to have teams play on a date they have blacked out.

As far as Coaching Conflicts, we will allow conflicts for up to two teams on any day. If coaching more than two teams, you must use blackout dates to make you do not have conflicts. In other words, two teams play on Saturday and the other team on Sunday.

Teams need to be aware of the rules governing reschedules. They need to have a parent’s meeting prior to the blackout date deadline to make sure when their players will have a conflict and be available. We will be releasing a new website that will have a page dedicated to rescheduling procedures. Teams need to be aware of the fines involved when rescheduling games. Reminder highlights from the Reschedule Procedures and Fines:

  1. Teams need to confirm reschedule dates with their team prior to submitting a reschedule request.
  2. Teams must have two agreed (opponent agrees) upon play dates and rough times prior to submitting a              reschedule request.
  3. There is a $50 fine for the first reschedule made at least 8 days in advance. Fines increase for each additional reschedule.
  4. There is a $100 fine for the first reschedule made 3-7 days in advance. Fines increase for each additional reschedule.
  5. Any request 2 days prior to game will be considered a forfeit. Be organized!!!!

Weather Reschedules – New this season – Teams will have 5 days to reschedule these games then the league will reschedule based on provided blackout dates. If the league has to reschedule a game, and a team cannot play on the date, that team will be accessed a forfeit. Get your games rescheduled right away!

Games should be officiated by the three-person FIFA/USSF Referee System for U11 through U19 age groups. Due to the referee shortage, this is not always possible. We are working hard to improve the referee situation, but we can use your help. Please have anyone interested in calling games to contact us directly. We will help them get in touch with the Referee Assignors. In the event an assigned official fails to appear by game time, one of the referees should contact the Referee Assignor for that community. If the Referee does not appear within 5 minutes of the game time the Referee may appoint Club Assistant Referees.  Club Assistant Referees shall be limited to decisions only on touchlines and possession as specified by FIFA/USSF Referee Guidelines. US Soccer does NOT allow for Dual Two-person Crew. The result of the game will be considered official if there is one Certified Referee on the game.


NL is committed to coaching education. We have committed to paying for 50 Head Coaches to take the E Course and have codes left for F Courses. If a Head Coach wants to take an E Course they need to contact Jeff Hulbert directly. Premier Division coaches will be given priority to the free E Course because of their licensing requirements.

In 2018, we will start enforcing the rule on Head Coach Licensing Requirements. Those requirements are below:


  1. At the Premier Division, the head coach on a team’s NL roster must hold at the minimum a US Soccer “E” License or a NSCAA Level 6 Diploma as the minimum coaching qualification.
  2. At all other Divisions, the head coach on a team’s NL roster must hold at the minimum a US Soccer “F” Coaching License as the minimum coaching qualification. The NL will give any head coach a code that will allow the head coach to take the “F” course without paying a fee. The fee will be charged during the reconciliation of fees at the end of the season.



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