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2019 Fall Season Info

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Ensure the best possible competitive play among the soccer teams in Nebraska and bordering states, to promote opportunities for increased development of youth soccer players and teams, and to provide for an improved administrative structure, the Nebraska State Soccer Association establishes the Nebraska League for youth soccer players in Nebraska and bordering states. 


  1. Registration Open – June 19th  
  2. Registration Deadline – July 7th
  3. Blackout Dates Deadline – July 14th
  4. Self-scheduling Meeting
    1. July 20th - 11U, 13U, 16/17U
    2. July 21st – 12U, 14U, 15U, 18/19U, Director
  5. Schedule Release - August 11th  
  6. Fall Play Dates - August 17th – November 10th - Premier/State Cup teams will need to have weekends open in the first part of the season. No play – Labor Day Weekend – August 30th - September 2nd and Halloween – October 31st

Team must have two contacts to register. The two contacts are required to complete a background check and complete the SafeSport training as they have rights to sensitive information for the team. 


All fees must be paid prior to schedules being released. Fees are based on a 7-game season. The league will no longer be issuing recons after the season.

Field Turf – We will be using more fields with field turf. This allows us to play games during wet conditions. There may be a field turf surcharge fee added to games played on these fields. 

            11U/12U                        $750                
            13U/14U                        $865                
            15U/16U                        $955                
            17U/18U/19U                 $1015              


Field fees were increased resulting in fee increases.

Any team looking to participate in Nebraska League (NL) must understand the level of commitment it takes to participate in a League that stretches across the state. All teams understand that this is a travel league and that teams may travel long distances to participate in NL games. The determination of game sites is based in part due to home locations of teams within a division as well as field and referee availability. Teams understand that they may not play any home games, although we work hard to reduce travel or make travel similar for both teams.


We will schedule teams on their primary and secondary days of play. If we must schedule on other days, we will contact the teams involved prior to scheduling the game. Teams need to be prepared to play on the advertised primary and secondary days of play. Teams that may have over 90-minutes of travel involved may schedule games on the opposite weekend day than advertised for that age. This should be kept to a minimum due to lack of fields/referees.

            AGE GROUP    PRIMARY         SECONDARY
            11U                  SAT                  MON

            12U                  SUN                 THUR

            13U                  SAT                  TUES
            14U                  SUN                 THUR
            15U                  SUN                 THUR  

            16U/17U            SAT                  MON

            18U/19U            SUN                 WED

            DIRECTOR        SUN                 WED


All teams will be required to have a team representative at a Self-Schedule Meeting for their division. Teams that do not have a representative will be accessed a substantial fine and the league will schedule their games. If the league schedules the team, it must play on those dates. Team representatives can only represent one team at each meeting. Team Reps need to be prepared to schedule game dates and any time conflicts on a play date. 


Meeting Dates and Times – Times TBD after brackets are completed: 
            July 20th - 11U, 13U, 16/17U

July 21st –12U, 14U, 15U, 18/19U, Director


Teams need to plan for a 1-hour and 15-minute meeting. Schedules must be completed before reps leave the room. Once completed the reps will be released. More information will be sent out to the teams.


Teams will be responsible to submit blackout dates by the advertised deadline. Teams will not be allowed to blackout more than 4 weekend days of play. Although, we try to play as many games as possible on the primary day of play (weekend), teams need to be prepared to play on the secondary day of play (weekday) due to lack of fields and referees. days of play are shown above. Teams could be asked to play on a non-advertised day of play due to blackout dates, field availability and scheduling requirements.

Teams need to be prepared to play on the advertised primary and secondary days of play unless the game is 90 minutes from the team’s home location. In that case, the opposite weekend day can be used instead of the weekday.

All conflicts, coaching or types other than blackout dates, need to be emailed directly to League Director at Submit anything that will affect scheduling your team.

As far as Coaching Conflicts, we will allow conflicts for up to two teams on any day. If coaching more than two teams, you must use blackout dates to make sure you do not have conflicts. Example given, two teams play on Saturday and the other team(s) on Sunday. We cannot honor conflicts with teams in another league.





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