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Purpose: To provide financial assistance to member clubs that will allow them to improve the soccer experience for the players, coaches, and referees.


2017 Grant Award Winners

St. Cecelia's- Goals and equipment
Elkhorn Soccer Club- fields project

Recreational Grant:

This grant can be used to improve any current member recreational programming. Examples can include coaching education for volunteer coaches, innovative new programming, referee development or certification, or other projects meant to facilitate the growth of soccer in that community.

This grant cannot be used for: coaching salaries or bonuses, uniforms/equipment, any select or premier level programming, facilities, etc.

Fields and Facilities Grant:

This grant can be used to improve current fields in the club and or members possession, or in the procurement of new fields or equipment.  Examples for this grant include: field maintaining supplies, field marking equipment, goals, nets, etc.

All fields assisted by this grant must guarantee the rental of fields by sanctioned league play. The amount of guaranteed use will be agreed upon at the time the awards are given.

This grant cannot be used to improve or create privately used facilities and or fields.

Tournament Creation Grant:

This grant can be used for NEW tournaments only. In order to receive grant money, the tournament must be a new sanctioned event in a community or play level not currently served by current sanctioned tournaments.



All clubs receiving grant money must be in good standing with Nebraska State Soccer for at least one year prior to the application.

All clubs must submit a current budget and financial statement

You must submit a detailed outline of the project in need of grant money and what specifically the money will be spent on.

Expenditures of monies used will be required no later than one year after grant money is given.


For questions or to apply, email Crystal Collins at



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