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JDP: Background Checks to Prevent Abuse


Mission Statement: 
The Kidsafe Program is a program to foster safe circumstances for every person, and especially every child, who participates in a Nebraska State Soccer Activity. Designed to inform all volunteers, contractors and staff concerning the risks associated with youth programs. To promote health, safety and protection of children in the game of soccer, Nebraska State Soccer has adopted the following objectives:
    1. To identify all volunteers, contractors and staff;
    2. To develop and communicate the Kidsafe Program to all coaches and Affiliate Members;
    3. To monitor the implementation of the above objectives.

The programs intent is to exclude from participation in Nebraska State Soccer or US Youth Soccer activities, at a minimum, all persons who have been convicted of crimes of violence or crimes against persons.


Kidsafe Overview:

All volunteers, contractors and staff will submit a background check on-line at the State's web site. No volunteer or staff will be allowed to be added to an approved roster unless they have completed an annual background check. Nebraska State Soccer will require all registered volunteers to complete a background check. Nebraska State Soccer will run the background check through the registration software. The Nebraska State Soccer Board will determine the costs and billing each yearly registration cycle no later than the AGM. Nebraska State Soccer will also do a criminal history checks (background checks) on all NSSA staff, including ODP and Coaching Staff. If there are risk management concerns on any checks the State Coordinator will work with the Affiliate Member Coordinator to clear up any concerns.

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