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risk management


An injury that doesn't happen needs no treatment. An emergency that doesn't occur requires no response. The best way to stay injury free is to avoid the cause of injury. That requires planning, training, leadership, good judgment, and accepting responsibility—in short, risk management.

We manage risk in almost every aspect of our lives. There is risk involved in getting out of bed in the morning. There are risks in crossing a street, toasting bread, and taking part in sports, but we find ways to minimize these risks and maximize our safety, well-being and enjoyment.

Risk management is so much a part of sports that often we hardly notice we are doing it. Running down the field, parking our cars, shooting on goal – we deal with risk in each and every case.

The only way to eliminate risk completely is to give up the pleasures, challenges, and satisfaction of playing sports. Rather than attempting to do away with it, everyone involved – players, coaches, parents and referees - can manage risk by identifying its sources, understanding its boundaries, and tailoring their behavior to minimize exposure to danger.

Below are ideas to help manage your team/club/league’s risk. A safe playing environment is an enjoyable playing experience.

Managing Risk

Facility, Field and Parking Lot Risk Management
Golf Cart Safety
Bloodborne Pathogens (Red Cross)
Resources for Managing Risks (US Youth Soccer)
Health and Safety (US Youth Soccer) 

Informational Articles

Concussions (CDC)
Concussion Treatment
Concussion Lawsuits
Abuse and Molestation, Background Checks



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