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Nov, 2020

2020 Awards of the Year

Join us in congratulating our 2020 Awards of the Year winners! These individuals were nominated for their dedication to their soccer community this year and beyond. 

Matt Bragg- Sporting Omaha FC

Girls Recreational Coach of the Year

“Coach Bragg has done a remarkable job working with the girls the past 2 years to ensure that they have the opportunity to develop their skills while also having a great time and growing their overall love for the game of soccer.”

“Coach demands that his players treat their teammates with respect both on and off the field, including during trainings, games and other team outings.  The end result is a team that is incredibly inclusive of one another and their entire families.”

“In a world where youth sports can often be taken to the extreme, Coach Matt realizes the importance of fostering a love of the game.”

“We feel very fortunate that we have had the opportunity for our daughter to be coached by him over the last two years. There is no doubt that her love of the game and her desire to never stop touching the soccer ball stems from Coach Matt.”

Alan Carr- Papillion Soccer Club

Competitive Girls Coach of the Year

“Alan really believes in letting the girls do what they have been trained to do. He is a quiet voice on the sideline but has confidence in his players and knows they can take care of things and do what they know how to do.”

“He is always a class act win or lose, which reflects on the girls and how they act as well.”

“… Alan’s philosophy [is] certainly player-centric with an emphasis on enjoying what the game can offer all who participate in it.”

“Alan has created an environment where players continue to love the game. “

“We don’t know who from this team will go on to play soccer in high school or maybe even college and who will decide to do something else. We do know they were all exposed to the kind of leadership and coaching that will make them better players and better people. This is where they learned that motivation with patience, and a focus on positive reinforcement works. Alan’s impact is bigger than what you see on the field.”


James Beckmann- Sporting Omaha FC- Lincoln

Boys Competitive Coach of the year

“Regardless of the level or age of the team, Coach Beckmann demonstrates a commitment to player development both in terms of physical abilities, awareness of the tactical side of the game, and as a person. He continually preaches that this is a process and each of the players is on their own journey, to not get caught up in wins and losses and to focus on the progression as a player and as a team.”

“When it was time to return to play [after the COVID shutdown], the goal was to play as much as possible and to make sure all the players and families could participate, the team led by Coach Beckmann decided all of our practices and games would be played masked. In addition to protecting each other and modeling public health for the community, this ensured that our players with families in which a member had compromised health issues could still be part of the team.”

“James views the boys’ experience on this team as a pathway to learn life lessons. How to become your best self. How to understand that athleticism only gets you so far. How to deal with disappointment. What it means to be a leader.”

“Winning or losing, we have similar joys and pride as we always have because we know that the experiences our boys have in this team and under Coach Beckmann’s leadership is one that will serve them well as soccer player and as they continue to grow as individuals.”


Jayden Scholz

Male Young Referee of the Year

“He became a student of the game, working numerous matches, constantly improving himself.  Jayden was selected to referee the Nebraska State Cup as a 15 and 16 year old; in the fall of 2018, the spring of 2019 and fall of 2019.  Of all the youth referees I have mentored over the years, I have met very few who take their role as seriously as Jayden.”

“Talent, Leadership, Community Service, Volunteer, and Respect, all characteristics of someone any organization would want on their side. Jayden possesses all of them and I am glad to know him.”

“The Nebraska Referee Development Program is extremely lucky to have such a dedicated, well-adjusted and dependable referee like Jayden.”


Alyssa Grosse

Female Young Referee of the Year- and the Midwest Region winner!

 “As an assignor, I find the most intriguing attributes she possesses are her attention to detail and her diligence in her administrative work.  She is very easy to work with; quickly responding to questions and always accepting or declining her games in a timely manner.  Alyssa is always prompt, communicates well and works well with the other referees in her crew.  These elements are a reflection of her sound character and professional demeanor.”

“Her desire to excel is evident and she is constantly looking for new avenues which will allow her to grow as a referee."

“As a referee, Alyssa has helped train new referees.  When ask, she is always willing to help and has indicated that she would like to become more involved in the referee training process.”


Claire Cantwell- Lincoln Spirit Soccer Club

Administrator of the Year

“Claire goes above and beyond to support her coaches and families. “

“She is detail oriented, incredibly responsive to needs, and takes the time to patiently walk people through the answers to questions.”

“Claire is an administrator that truly understands the “bigger picture” and is always easy to work with and willing to do what’s right.”


Christina Lewis- Sporting Omaha FC

TOPSoccer Coach of the Year

“Christina has built her TopSoccer initiative into the model program in the region.  Not only has she attracted Special Needs families from around Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa to participate in the program but she also has become a recognized authority and mentor for many other club directors throughout the Midwest”

“Not only have the Special Needs boys and girls benefitted from her efforts but she also engages a wide range of youth soccer players to be involved in the TopSoccer sessions.”

“She deserves acknowledgment for her selfless commitment to an underserved demographic in our soccer world.”


Tom Worthington- St. Wenceslaus Soccer Club

Volunteer of the Year

“… the leadership, energy and passion that Tom has brought to our club is contagious and one of the drivers why SWSC is one of the largest, most successful recreational clubs in the state.”

“As board president, he promotes courage, inclusivity, innovation, relationships, teamwork, integrity and dependability. He has a passion for the game that is second to none.”

“When the coronavirus impacted play in March 2020, Tom immediately Orchestrated for every child in FFTW spring programming to receive a new soccer ball to practice at home. He engaged more than 100 people from the St. Wenceslaus and greater Omaha soccer community to unite them behind this cause.”

“Tom’s leadership and passion for helping others through the game of soccer has been vital to strengthening relationships and positively impacting hundreds of players and coaches. Anyone that has worked with him can attest that he is only a phone call away, always willing to help, and always looking out for others’ best interests.”

“Tom has actively promoted Grassroots licensing courses to his St. Wenceslaus coaching staff, he has helped organize you soccer festivals, he has openly exposed his players and coaches to developmental opportunities beyond his own organization and he has led initiatives that help break down club boundaries.”






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