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The D Certificate Course is an 36-40 hour course completed over 2 separate weekends. Attendance is mandatory to pass course.


There are pre-course work requirements that needed to be completed by all candidates and turned in upon the start of the course.


The minimum number of candidates is 12. The maximum number of candidates is determined by the size of the facility. The number of candidates is set one week before the course begins according to the number of instructors required. Candidates must be 16 years of age.

Applicants must hold their E License for a minimum of 6 months


See registration-- payment for the course needs to be made to the State Office - check madepayable to Nebraska State Soccer.


Candidate must complete a online registration form.

Register for a Course Here

General Information:

Candidates should bring a soccer ball, training suit, sweat suit, or any form of action clothing - gym shoes or soccer cleats depending on surface, water, and writing materials.

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The “D” license course is broken into four phases:

All pre-course assignments will be completed online through the Digital Coaching Center (DCC)

  I.  Preparation Phase

  II.  Instructional Phase (14 to 18 hrs.)
  • Candidates meet face-to-face with instructors at a course.
  III.  Deliberate Practice Phase
  • Candidates are required to complete three (3) assigned training sessions over a minimum of 10 weeks. It is expected that the sessions be evenly distributed through the 10 week period.
  • Candidates will be assigned the training sessions during the Instructional phase.
  • Candidates are required to complete the three assigned training sessions on the U.S. Soccer Session Planner:
    • Download - D License Session Planner Instructions
    • Download - D License Session Planner
  • Candidates are required to complete a Self Reflection Form for each training session.
  IV.  Performance Review Phase (14 to 18 hrs.)
  • Final on-field exam.
  • Candidates have one full year following the completion of the deliberate practice phase to attend any performance review phase to complete the “D” course.


Course Assignment

  • Candidates are required to view an online presentation and complete a series of questions on Concussion Awareness. The assignment must be completed prior to the candidate receiving their final course results.
  • Visit this link to complete the online assignment.
  • Candidates are not required to print a certificate of completion.
  • A report will be automatically sent to U.S. Soccer and the State Association host upon completion.

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