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Nebraska State Cup

2024 National Championship Series
Nebraska State Cup 

Finals Livestream

2024 State Cup dates:
13U-14U- Spring June 1-2, 8-9, 2024

Future Dates:
2025 Nebraska State Cup
15U-19U Fall: Bracket play October 19- 27
Finals @ Morrison Stadium November 2 &3 

13U-14U Spring: Bracket play May 31- June 1
Semis/Finals June 7 - 8

For all questions regarding State Cup, or the National Championship Series, contact Crystal at [email protected].

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 PROOF OF AGE-- What counts?

The only acceptable proof-of-age documents are: a birth certificate, a Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card (DD Form 1173) issued by the uniformed services of the United States, a birth registration issued by an appropriate government agency or board of health records, a passport, an alien registration card issued by the United States Government, a certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service attesting to age, a current driver’s license, an unexpired federal, state, or local government identification card (if documentation of date of birth is required), or a certification of a United States citizen born abroad issued by the appropriate government agency. (Hospital, baptismal, and religious certificates will not be accepted in accordance with US Youth Soccer Rules. Proof of age written in foreign languages must have English translations attached.)

The champions from the Nebraska State Cup competition will represent our state at the Region 2 Championship.

Host Facility Interest

If your facility is interested in hosting Nebraska State Cup please fill out this interest form to be considered. 
If you have any questions, please contact Crystal at [email protected] 


Download Stack Team App and click "Find your Team/Club" search "Nebraska State Cup" 

National Championship Series

State Cup Championship History

2023 Champions:

13U Boys Sting NE
13U Girls 402 DA
14U Boys 402 DA
14U Girls 402 DA
15U Boys SNFC B 08
15U Girls SNFC G 08
16U Boys SNFC LNK B 07
16U Girls VNA Lincoln Dynamo
17U Boys SNFC B 06
17U Girls GEA Elite 06
18U Boys SNFC B 05
18U Girls 402 DA 2005 G Select
19U Boys GEA B04/05
19U Girls SNFC G 04/05
Fall Results
Spring Results

2022 Champions:

13U Boys SNFC B 09
13U Girls GEA 09G
14U Boys SNFC B 08
14U Girls GEA 08G
15U Boys SNFC B 07
15U Girls SNFC G RL 07
16U Boys SNFC B  06
16U Girls SNFC G RL 06
17U Boys SNFC B 05
17U Girls 402 DA Select
18U Boys BSC NFC Blue 04
18U Girls MPA 04G
19U Boys GEA 18/19
19U Girls OUSC 03G Black

2021 Champions:
13U Boys NFC Blue 
13U Girls GEA ECNL
14U Boys SSC Diablos Gold
14U Girls GEA ECNL
15U Boys SOFC B Elite 
15U Girls SOFC Premier
17U Boys NFC Blue
18U Boys GEA NPL
18U Girls OU BLACK
19U Boys NFC Stevenson
19U Girls SOFC Elite

Fall Results
Spring Results

2020 Champions:

15U Boys SOFC B Elite 
15U Girls DFC MPA  Blue Lincoln
16U Boys GSC Primo Green
16U Girls GSC Prima Green
17U Boys EBA Maroon 
17U Girls ONFC Omaha United SC
18U Boys NFC Blue
18U Girls GSC Prima Green
19U Boys SOFC Elite
19U Girls EGA ECNL

Fall Results

2019 Champions: 

13 Boys SOFC Elite
13 Girls GSC Prima Green
14 Boys SOFC Elite
14 Girls EGA Maroon Lincoln
15U Boys GSC Primo Green
15U Girls GSC Prima Green
16U Boys NFC Blue
16U Girls GSC Prima Green
17U Boys NFC Blue
17U Girls GSC Prima Green 
18U Boys ELK Ajax 
18U Girls GSC Prima Green
19U Boys SSC Diablos
19U Girls SOFC Elite

Fall Results     Spring Results

2018 Champions:
13U Boys GSC Primo Green
13U Girls EGA Maroon Lincoln
14U Boys GSC Primo Green
14U Girls SOFC Elite
15U Boys EBA 03 Maroon Omaha
15U Girls SOFC G Elite 03
16U Boys SOFC B Elite 02
16U Girls SOFC G Elite 02
17U Boys SOFC B Elite 01
17U Girls GSC Prima Green 
18U Boys NFC 00 Blue 
18U Girls GSC Prima Green
19U Boys SOFC Elite 99
19U Girls EGA ECNL 99

Fall Results   Spring Results

2017 Champions:
13U Boys SOFC Elite
13U Girls EGA Maroon
14U Boys NIT Select
14U Girls GSC Prima Green
15U Boys NFC Blue
15U Girls Sporting OFC Elite
16U Boys SSC Diablos
16U Girls EGA Maroon
17U Boys Sporting OFC Elite
17U Girls Sporing OFC Elite
18U Boys Sporing OFC Elite
18U Girls EGA Maroon
19/20U Boys Sporting OFC
19/20U Girls EGA Maroon

Fall Results            Spring Results


2016 Champions:
U13 Boys Omaha Nitro
U13 Girls Omaha FC
U14 Boys Nebraska FC
U14 Girls Elite Girls Academy
U15 Boys Nebraska FC
U15 Girls Omaha FC
U16 Boys Nebraska FC
U16 Girls Elite Girls Academy
U17 Boys Omaha FC
U17 Girls Elite Girls Academy
U18 Boys Omaha FC
U18 Girls Omaha FC

Fall Results    Spring Results



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