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Are you a team admin looking for help in Demosphere - see below for helpful tips and guides!

*Need to contact a coach for a reschedule? That is the only thing done from the schedules page.

Trying to access your team page but can't see anything? Most likely you still need to complete your Risk Management.

What is a Team Page?
Team Pages were created to give team admins all the tools they need in one place. From branding, logos, rosters, to schedules. Everything you need for your team is now on your Team Page through the Demosphere Universal Dashboard.


Need to club pass players for game day? Use the team page
Need to printer rosters? Use the team page
Need to add a player photo? Use the team page
Need to see the team schedule? Use the team page
Need to set your game day lineup? Use the team page
Need a player pass? Use the team page

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