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Nebraska State Soccer is pleased to announce that through our partnership with Player’s Health, we are now able to provide the very first National Health Plan focused specifically for sports organizations! All members with staff, coaches, referees, and volunteers of NSS are now eligible for the Player’s Health National Health Plan, with additional reduced rates for those who are of W2 or 1099 status.
Below are the benefits of the plan: 

  • Consolidate membership (sports club/league employees and their dependents) that normally participate in individual group insurance plans into one large group (fully-insured) plan.

  • Large group plans provide participants with rates resulting in lower health plan costs (9-15%) savings.

  • Groups are placed in tiers based on their risk level, but overall benefit from manual rating. Watch the video here for clarity on this.

  • Reduce workload and management for individual sports club/league employers.


We are asking all clubs to participate in the census, as this will have a dramatic impact on our group pricing. The more clubs we get to submit the census, the more affordable rates will be. 

Final rates will be provided in October, followed by the enrollment process, leading to coverage beginning on January 1st!

We look forward to implementing this member benefit and we will continue to work toward member satisfaction and wellbeing.

Submit your census now!

More information about the PH Health Plan can be found here.



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