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Changes for 2024 explained: 
Prior to the 2023/2024 Soccer year, the Nebraska State Soccer Board of Directors approved a new team formation policy to take effect in 2024. In this new policy, specific tryout date windows are no longer set, only registration date (when players can be registered for the the upcoming soccer year) and a binding date (the date the players are considered committed to the club to which they are registered). Club are able to hold tryout events at any date that fits their club and membership calendar. If held prior to June 1, offers may be presented but no registration may be completed until that date. Registrations for tryouts and offers can be completed through the club Stack Club portals but players will not be allowed to be rostered until June 1.


Nebraska State Soccer recognizes the below registration dates for team formation activities. 

Level 1 & 2 Players

Registration dates for Level 1 & 2 players will open on June 1 of each seasonal year, with a binding date of August 1 of each seasonal year.

The Binding Date is defined as the date on which NSS considers a player bound to their commitment to a specific Affiliate Member. If the player has requested to be released (in writing) from this commitment prior to this date (on or before August 1st) then they are no longer considered bound to the Affiliate Member via NSS Policy. This does not mean that you are released from any financial commitment that you have previously agreed to or entered into freely with an Affiliate Member. Any financial commitment entered into with an Affiliate Member is between the parents and the member.

NSS does not recognize any binding date(s) for Level 3 players.

Level 3 Players

Registration for Level 3 players will open on June 1 of each seasonal year. All players must be registered before they can participate in any sanctioned activities.



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